Has a child ever asked you a question that left you stumped or a question you weren’t expecting them to even think about asking. Welcome to our world at Next Generation! We teach a Bible class twice a week working with 1st-6th graders on basic biblical truths in the Bible. It’s crazy to think that they are growing up in a world that prompts such deep and thoughtful questions. 

In today’s evangelical society, it is not unheard of for the church to raise the kids. We see where parents expect the church to take on the responsibility of discipling their kids. And while church does aid in that, the primary mission field of parents is their families. 

With this blog, we have the intention of aiding parents in those hard questions that we get asked every day. A few things we’ll be diving into are video games, suicide, Pangea (I had to look that one up), and God’s design for man and woman. These concepts are ones that catch us off guard every time they are asked. But, one thing we aspire to do is point them back to the Bible where we can find truth in every area of life. We want to ground them in a faith that is outside of any one sinful person but help them base it on the only truth that is unchanging and unending; We teach them to find truth in the Bible and in Jesus alone. 

I was having a conversation with this older lady about different biblical concepts. She kept mentioning that she was raised to believe things a certain way and she held fast to those beliefs because of who taught her. Even when those things she believed are true and biblical, she was basing her faith on what was told to her in her early years by her parents, not in the words of Christ himself. If we don’t have a basis for truth in the Bible, then our faith is like a house built on sinking sand and it won’t hold. “The rain will fall, the floods will come, and the winds will beat against the house, and it will fall, and great will be the fall of it.” Matthew 7:27

We are aiming away from the “because I said so” mentality into a realm where kids and adults can search for answers together. Honesty is key when asked a question you don’t know. Be honest, be curious, and search for truth in the Bible. It’s our letter from the creator of all things, a creator that died for you. 

This blog is not meant to be a source directly for your kids. We are not there and we are not the ones that are disciplining your kids. We want you to use this as a tool to find resources and dig deeper into your faith. By doing this you will be able to articulate answers to questions that come up while talking with your kids. And, while we do answer actual questions from the kids that we teach, we are also open to answering some questions that your kids have asked you! You can drop a question below and we may just answer it in the coming weeks!